Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Clover Lea Farm Mural- Louisville, KY New Year Mural

This is a play room painted in LaGrange , KY for the Clover Lea Fam ily Farm. The room is L shaped and you can enter here through the barn door.

Come on in!

There is plenty of room in here! And the weather is great! Just a few clouds in the sky!

Seriously Cute Goats

My patron wanted a black goat with white "spay painted" spots. She knew one once upon a time.

Barn Owls and Chickens

I loved painting this sunny colores barn owl.

Clover Lea Farm

Miniture Horses are actaully only about 3 feet tall!!

Clover Lea Sign at the Barn Entrance

A beautiful logo made by the family!

Pecos the Horse

Horses love to eat apples !

Tire Swing

Horse Tire swings are so creative! Recycling at it's finest!

The Tractor at Work

If you look closely the miniture Jack Russel, Louie is riding the tractor on the back!

Happy Pigs in the Mud

The family donkies names are Walker and Texas Ranger!

Duckling Family

Every farm needs little fuzzy chicks!!!

A Hidden Monkey

Meg's aunt requested a hidden monkey, she collects them and wanted a fun surprise.