Monday, September 28, 2009

The Portland Children's Museum Murals

This door in the museum is the entrance to the Birthday Rooms in the Museum, which are available for parties. Inside are two rooms known as "One Potato Room" and "Two Potato Room". This tree mural and the two murals I painted for each room inside were inspired by the Opal School's children's art, a preschool through 5th grade-art based learning school, with in the museum.

The Portland Children's Museum's Garden Mural

This mural was inspired by the Opal School's Children's Art, the wonderful preschool through 5th grade located within the Portland Children's Museum. This is the Two Potato Room, aka the Birthday Room. The room is available to rent for parties inside the museum.

The Garden Grasshopper

The insect drawings around the room are also taken directly from the Opal School Children's Art.

The Garden Flowers

The Garden Mural Continues

The Garden's Dragonfly

The Garden's Vines and Roses